P1070078This is my blog, and welcome to it.

Nearly 35 years after technology forced me to abandon my beloved Underwood and the joys of noisily pounding keys and changing typewriter ribbons, I have decided to try this blog thing-a-ma-jig. Yes, just as 140-character Twitter pontifications (guilty, my lord) slowly take over the word game, I’m going back in time to those distant days of 2011 or so, when anyone worth his sodium was supposed to have a blog to be relevant.

If I can figure out how to do it, I hope to make Mickleblog a kind of roving forum for that grand old section of long-gone five and dime department stores, sundries and notions. The world needs more sundries and notions, methinks.

So hang on to your hat, if there’s even one of you out there.

The Mickleblog promises a veritable pot-pourri (my, how sophisticated we are, already…) of observations on my so-called life, the daily news comedy, tidbits from the legendary Mickle archives, political soap-boxing, and, of course, this and that.

Oh, and by the way, in case you don’t know me, I am the only journalist in history, I believe, to have worked at all of the following: Penticton Herald, Prince George Citizen, Vernon News, Edmonton Journal, Vancouer Sun, Vancouver Province, CBC-TV, and my final place of hackdom residence, the highly-esteemed Globe and Mail.

As Fats Waller used to say: “I love you all, you know. I love you all.”


9 thoughts on “AND SO IT BEGINS…

  1. A long overdue addition to the blogging world…

  2. I’ll pass on the baseball stuff unless Hawthorn RTs. Bob Dylan ephemera, though, is another matter.

  3. Looking forward to this!

  4. What? No entry pushing The Art of the Impossible yet? What’s the point of this blog?

  5. Wonderful Rod. I’ll be by for a look often.

  6. Rod, you old sod, don’t you know that journalists never recover? Great to see you in print (or whatever you call it)

  7. Nice to see you doing this Rod; afraid I don’t follow many blogs, meself – but will try to check yours out from time to time. (Glad you’re letting us know on FB when you’re posting something here)

  8. Way to go! Someone who writes as well as you do should never stop. There is a great fear that good writing is beginning to disappear and is being replaced by LOL etc. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hey Rod…you have writing in you in you in you. Another book you must.

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