Being new to this blog-o thing, it has just come to m attention that the few hardy but loveable souls who have signed up to receive the highly-esteemed Mickleblog by email, are being short-changed. They receive only the text, minus all the nice art/photos. The colours of the official blog are delightful, too. I’m told that there should be a link to the actual blog post accompanying the email alert (two, if by sea….), which  you can click to access ye whole shebang, including photos, etc. If that’s clear, and hopefully, it even works…hehe. I know, I know, so much effort. (There’s something in my typewriter soul that still finds it weird to be using the word ‘blog’…not to mention “the Google”…etc.)

Anyway, as a reward for labouring through this boring blog, here’s a bonus: my longtime friend Geoff Meggs’ expert skewering of little ole me at a recent retirement memorial, er celebration for Mr. Mickle (c’est moi).

And here’s a photo of the sweet, young Councillor, long before he was into this Vision thing.




  1. Thanks for leading me to the webpage. Checking the list of categories on the right, the “Canadian Hisory” category caught my eye. I can’t help myself…I’m an editor! Did you receive hundreds of comments on this?

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