Here’s an update on a blog posting I did about a month ago, recounting my charming encounter with country singer Jesse Farrell along the Jericho Beach trail and the recording of a video for Canada Day to espouse the virtues of dolls that are distinctly Canadian over American Girls, the Yankee brand dolls shamefully marketed by our alleged national book store chain, Indigo/Chapters. Jesse was re-fashioning Stompin’ Tom Connors patriotic paean, A Real Canadian Girl.

Well, the video, which also features young girls at play on Spanish Banks and elsewhere, was finished in time for Canada Day, and here it is.

I confess, this hard old embittered relic from the age of typewriters managed a goosebump or two watching it for the first time. Yes, there are reminders of the Canadian dolls produced by Maplelea, but mostly, thanks to Stompin’ Tom’s cornball but heartfelt lyrics, it’s a tribute to young Canadian girls and our home and native land. Well done. Nicely sung, too. Eat your heart out, Bobby Gimby.

And here’s the link to my original blog on this mighty matter:


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