10. Our MLAs have earned “a sacred trust to represent democratic values: Respect for each other and tolerance for differences of political beliefs….While we may disagree with the person speaking, we must always…respect their right to speak.” I guess they left out the asterisk that this refers only to Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver. Keep those nasty NDP jokes coming, Premier.

9. “A near-record 2.3 million British Columbians are working.” Since it’s not a record, that means fewer are working today than before. Nice try, government spin-meister.

8. “Thousands of British Columbians shared their input on a new transportation plan.” Not bad for a province of 4.6 million. Certainly better than the efforts of those puny, elected Greater Vancouver mayors representing 2.5 million people.

7. “B.C.’s mining and energy sectors provide good-paying jobs across the province, from rural communities to corporate offices in Vancouver.” Well, knock me down with a hard hat. Who knew?

6. I’ve long been worried about British Columbia’s absence from the world map. How can all those rich Chinese tourists find us, if we’re not on the map? Now, it seems, I can rest in peace. “B.C.’s technology and green economy are putting B.C. on the world map…” And to think, reporters claimed there was no news.

5. “Perhaps no sector has attracted more excitement and investment than natural gas.” PERHAPS????? “Liquefied natural gas could create a hundred thousands and the revenues to eliminate our debt.” COULD????? How did those cautionary, weasel words slip in?

4 (a). For those who think humour is a lost political art: the Lieutenant-Governor reminded us that “most notably, the provincial government and teachers’ federation set aside more than 30 years of discord to reach a negotiated agreement. The longest in history.” Laugh? I thought I’d die. Those spoilsports who point out this happy event occurred only after a bitter teachers’ strike that was also the longest in history are just that. Spoilsports. Detentions for all of you.


(b). Not only that. “Now there is an opportunity to work together on our shared priorities: students and student outcomes.” Court case? Court case? Don’t need no stinking court case!

3. “We can never forget there is only one taxpayer.” What, in the entire province? Jimmy Pattison, take a bow.

2. I’m not sure how reporters missed this grand ambition, but this year, British Columbia is going “to contribute to Confederation like never before.” While B.C. may have contributed a lot in the past by…….hang on…just a second…., you ain’t seen nothing, yet. Alas, details of this mighty contribution are still sketchy. So far, it seems to be nothing more than gloating by residents of Vancouver and Victoria about cherry blossoms, crocuses and daffodils in mid-February, as the rest of the country is buried in snow.
Unknown-11. And the number one thing I learned from last week’s Drone from the Throne, once again, folks: Vaughn Palmer is a very funny columnist. Clink the link below for Mr. Palmer’s take on the Throne Speech.
Happy Budget Day!


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