I’m sorry, I can’t resist putting this beautiful, auto-biographical piece by Rosanne Cash on my blog. It needs a bit of class. Hehe. I have been a fan of Rosanne Cash for 30 years. Her music is truly memorable, and, depending on the song, it will break your heart.

I finally saw her live for the first time in Paris, of all places, at a strange, large night club, where I sat with some people who’d barely heard of her. Still, it was a real thrill. ┬áThis was the spring of 1990. Her husband Rodney Crowell performed, too. And I remember thinking there seemed something off between the two of them. Of course, we learned later that the couple was in the midst of Unknownbreaking up. Her subsequent, introspective album, The Wheel, certainly seemed to touch on that time in Paris. A song on the album is specifically titled, Sleeping in Paris, and the cover photo was taken in the City of Light.

A few years ago, Rosanne Cash performed at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, including an unforgettable appearance at a workshop, where she swapped songs with the other participants, as casual and down-to-earth as everyone else. Later that night, on the main stage, she made some humorous, disparaging remark about her husband, John Leventhal. We were close to the front, and when my wife Lucie added, loudly, “But in a good way…”, Rosanne Cash responded: “In a very good way…” True love, even among the gods.

Here’s my Blackberry photo of the divine Rosanne Cash on the main stage of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, 2011.